Past Events

Biographical Tours (drop in, no need to book)

The skulls in the photograph at the centre of the exhibition were collected during the 19th and early 20th centuries, when scientists sought to elaborate ideas of human difference through the comparative study of crania. Some were taken close to home, but others were looted from battlefield sites or the graves of indigenous peoples, taken without consent and in violation of local beliefs concerning the sanctity of the dead and the reverence for ancestors.

Anna Szöke, researcher at the Humboldt University of Berlin and core member of the DEAD IMAGES team, gave tours of the exhibition that focussed on the stories of the individuals whose remains now form part of the skull collection.

Students Consultation Session

In order to incorporate diverse perspectives from outside the Dead Images team prior to the opening of the exhibition, a consultation session was organised with students from relevant disciplines at the University of Edinburgh. These included three archaeology students, three art students and three anthropology students.

Consultation session with students

The students had a number of recommendations that will help shape the way that we consider the exhibition.

Practitioners Consultation Session

This informal event aimed to introduce curators, engagement and education professionals working across the Scottish arts and heritage sector to the Dead Images project.

Participants contributed to knowledge production in the Dead Images project through discussion, suggestions, and reflections. The discussions were recorded and analysed by an ethnographer together with the education team to inform further curatorial strategies.

“Fascinating discussion and useful consideration of imagery associated with human remains and abstracted images. I will discuss with colleagues in relation to our current guidance”