Workshop on Exhibition Design and Architecture

On April 13th, 2017, a first Workshop on Exhibition Design and Architecture was led by CCP4 members and WP6 researchers Francesca Lanz (Politecnico di Milano) and Jacopo Leveratto (Politecnico di Milano), which concentrated on key conceptual and architectural elements in the design of the public interfaces of ‘Dead Images’. The workshop also examined possible problems and solutions in designing the ‘Dead Images’ exhibition and set the course for the further architectural development of the exhibition.

ART and HUMAN REMAINS: the ethics of artistic work with historic collections of human remains

On April 12th, 2017, CCP4 members and invited scholars and guests, including scholars from the previous workshop, CARMAH researchers, staff members and advanced students at the Edinburgh University to the semi-public workshop titled ‘ART and HUMAN REMAINS: the ethics of artistic work with historic collections of human remains’. The workshop allowed for more diverse and scholarly positions on CCP4’s artistic strategies in the context of contentious collections and the ethics of exhibition-making. The workshop was concluded with a roundtable discussion with Sharon Macdonald (Humboldt University of Berlin) and June Jones (University of Birmingham).

Workshop on Exhibition Ethics and Stakeholder Engagement

The CCP4 Workshop on Exhibition Ethics and Stakeholder Engagement for the discussion of the ethics and stakeholder involvement was held on April 12th of 2017 at the Edinburgh College of Art. CCP4 members discussed the ethical issues raised by, and related to, the ‘Dead Images’ exhibition and the work related to creating that exhibition. The workshop invited experts’ contributions and discussions (with June Jones, Henrietta Lidchi, Sharon Macdonald  and Suzana Milevska) on ethical considerations in developing the artistic and curatorial positions of ‘Dead Images’ and the way these positions take various stakeholder interests into consideration.

Workshop on Exhibition Concepts Development

On April 11th, 2017, a CCP4-internal Workshop on Exhibition Concepts Development concentrated on updates on the current status of the artistic production, discussions of the current curatorial and artistic questions, and plans for the further development of the artistic production.

Concepts Development Workshop

The ‘Dead Images’ Concepts Development Workshop was held from September 5th to 9th of 2016 in participation of all six team members. It provided the fundaments of the conceptual infrastructure for all CCP4 branches of research and artistic actions for the project. It included a workshop on education strategies with members of the TRACES WP3, “Research on Education and Stakeholder Involvement”.